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About Us

The history of Billy Scene and the Kooltones

The Kooltones have been playing Rock N Roll in the NW for 27 years! The core members, Marty McCray, Andy Campbell and Jeff Munkers have remained the same. They've had the privilage of having some great musicians come and go over the years including Dan Pettis, Jon Lindahl,Marty Albers aka Johnny Martin, Dean Gleason, Mark Wills and Norm Whitehurst.

The KOOLTONES formed in 1979 as a gag for a friend's "50's" party but caught the attention of local promoter Andy Gilbert from Pacific Talent who encouraged them to pursue the format full time. They really were a novelty act for a year or so until they decided to take the music a little more seriously. They have evolved over the years to have a repetoir of over 400 songs from Bill Haley and the Comets to Pink Floyd and beyond.

Billy Scene and the KOOLTONES have played all the great clubs in the NW, have been the house band at some, played countless corporate events, weddings, private parties and alongside The Kingsmen, Johnny Rivers and Tommy James and the Shondells at the KISN the Summer Goodbye Concert . 

With their huge list of songs to choose from, they have the unique advantage of literally changing their set list from show to show. They can do an entire show of 50's and 60's for instance and then turn around and play a great selection of 70's thru the 90's at a local club.

The KOOLTONES also have a wonderful selection of lush ballads to cater to the romantic people in the crowd or just the average guy who doesn't like to fast dance!