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Mac's Blue 5 is a name that up to 2006 had only been given to a fictitious band  for the purpose of a couple of solo CD projects that I have done over the last 5 years or so. I've always loved blues music but would never go so far as to consider myself a   "blues guitarist" in the true sense. My lead style is roughly based on traditional blues scales  so it comes fairly easy to me and I truly feel it in my heart when I get the chance to play it with other musicians who feel the way I do about it.  Jeff and Andy from the Kooltones share my interest and I have included them on my 2 cd projects .  Because I love the real traditional electric blues I've always wanted a real Hammond Organ/Leslie speaker combination in the overall sound. I'm lucky in that a keyboardist named Dan Pettis has been a good friend for over 30 years and agreed to be a part of MB5. Also, I HAVE to have blues harp/harmonica and again, I'm lucky to have know Mr. Cliff Ashmon for almost that same amount of time. These 2 guys really help to realize my vision of what I wanted this band to sound like.
In the Summer of 2005  I decided to see if the guys would like to actually bring Mac's Blue 5 to life and play a weekend in a club setting and they said yes!   That dream came true in March of 2006 and it was great success.  However since we are all very busy in our personal lives and our other musical activities we can only do MB5 once in a while.  We played again in January and June of '07 and it just keeps getting better and better! Wish we had time to do it more often...


Performing songs by
Eric Clapton
Charlie Musslewhite
Paul Rodgers
Little Walter
Stevie Ray Vaughn
Eric Burdon
Creedence Clearwater Revival
Delbert McLinton
The Allman Brothers
Booker T and the Mg's
The Blues Brothers
ZZ Top
Ray Charles
Albert King
The Yardbirds
The Kentucky Headhunters
George Thoughogood
Jimi Hendrix
The Doors
Wilson Pickett
Muddy Waters
Willie Dixon
Jimmy Rogers
Howlin' Wolf
Buddy Guy
Paul Butterfield
Johnny Otis
Taj Mahal
BB King
The Allman Brothers
Peter Green
Delbert McLinton
Joe Bonamassa
The Beatles!!
And Many More!!


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